We have selected some short trips (2 to 8 days) to suit the needs of those customers limited in time or wishing extend a pre-existing circuit, departing from Hanoi.

All of our short trips include: English - speaking guides, privatized vehicles for all transportation, choice of hotel category, short stops along the way to discover the daily life of local villagers.

Please contact us for all additional information.

Halong bay

- Code: MN-01
- Duration: 2 days- 1night
- Departure: Ha Noi

Halong bay - LanHa bay on Junk

- Code: MN-03
- Duration: 3days - 2nights
- Departure: Ha Noi

Halong- Lan Ha- Bai Tu Long Bay

- Code: MN-04
- Duration: 3 days - 2 nights
- Departure: Ha Noi

Hanoi / Hoabinh / Maichau / Hanoi

- Code: MN-05
- Duration: 2 days-1night
- Departure: Ha Noi

Ba Be lake and the lime stones

- Code: MN-06
- Duration: 4 days-3nights
- Departure: Ha Noi

Sapa ethnic and rice terrace field

- Code: MN-07
- Duration: 2 days- 3 nights
- Departure: Ha Noi

Tribes of the North West

- Code: MN-08
- Duration: 7 days-7 nights
- Departure: Ha Noi

Sapa rice terrace-Ethnic market

- Code: MN-09
- Duration: 3 days-4 nights
- Departure: Ha Noi

Lost valleys - Dong Van plateau

- Code: MN-10
- Duration: 7days-6nights
- Departure: Ha Noi

Hanoi/ Sapa /Dienbienphu

- Code: MN-11
- Duration: 7 days-7 nights
- Departure: Ha Noi

2 Days fansipan victory

- Code: MN 13
- Duration: 2 days - 3 nights
- Departure:

Sapa amazing golden rice terrace

- Code: MN-14
- Duration: 2 days-3 nights
- Departure: Ha Noi

3 days conquer to Fansipan

- Code: MN - 15
- Duration: 3 days-4 nights
- Departure: Ha Noi
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Indochine Tourist have selected some short trips and excursions (2 to 8 days) for those limited in time or to add on your tour, departure from main cities of Laos(Viengtiane, LuongPrabang). This trip is suitable for whom have already booked a travel with us and want to lengthen it or for whom want a independent travel.


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Sihanoukville is situated on the coast of Cambodia between Thailand and Vietnam on the Gulf of Thailand. The town offers a laidback resort atmosphere with long white sandy beaches, ideal for water sports, diving or just lounging in the sunshine. The best time to visit Sihanoukville is between November and the end of February, when humidity is low and the sunshine consistent.


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