Indochina Tours

Discover the best of three worlds and combine your stay in Vietnam with Laos and Cambodia. Indochina tours offer a variety of experiences, with fascinating highlights such as the Angkor Wat temple complex and the city of Luang Prabang

We have carefully selected three tour programs, that became bestsellers over the years. Have a look and feel inspired to explore ancient treasures...

The Heritages Trails

- Code: IT-1
- Duration: 19 days
- Departure: Ha Noi

Vietnam and Cambodia of the road

- Code: IT-02
- Duration: 22 days
- Departure: Ha Noi

The Indochina Dream

- Code: IT-03
- Duration: 23 days
- Departure: Ha Noi
Indochina Map Cambodia Laos Vietnam
Other destinations:

Indochine Tourist have selected some short trips and excursions (2 to 8 days) for those limited in time or to add on your tour, departure from main cities of Laos(Viengtiane, LuongPrabang). This trip is suitable for whom have already booked a travel with us and want to lengthen it or for whom want a independent travel.


Module Tours

Our Discovery tours cover all the classical aspects of Cambodia. You will discover the main attractions and places of interest, combined with international standard accommodations and transports. We have selected some programs covering all highlights of the country. The more time you have, the deeper the discovery will be.


Discovery Tours